About me


I'm just a lonely 20 years old cyberspace witch known as Nova on the internet.

I'm a hobby dev in my spare time , but I also like gaming and I love animals.

I don't do gaming as I always get bored quite quickly. I also write content[TM] for my blog.

I'm gender-neutral1 and asexual. Pronouns : any is fine

I am also known as Champagne Supernova2


I was born in 2001 (June 5)

Happened to be born before the 9/11 incident.

And also i'm two years younger than XMPP

My horoscope sign is Gemini3


I do not have any real life friends.

I do, however, consider people I've met on the wired as such, after some time.


I like listening to music , my favorite music genres are Chiptunes/Demoscene , J-Pop , J-Rock , Pop and Rock.


I do like watching anime as well , hence my liking of music from Japanese origin. I've seen like 6 series so far.


My physical location is [REDACTED]

Even though, my timezone is GMT-3 and I am living/stuck in the south hemisphere


Programming : Not proficient on anything, but i'm learning anyways

Spoken/written : English / French (learning) / German (learning) / Japanese (learning) / Spanish


I'm mostly disappointed and/or depressed, I try so hard to keep myself sane on this insane world

Currently not feeling really good myself, I won't try to pretend otherwise

Fun facts about me

Not-so fun facts about me

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Social media

Websites I have (besides from this one)

Each one for its own thing


1 : Despite that, I do not identify as non-binary.

2 : I got that nickname from Jing, who's a fellow witch , but also a distant twin (we're the same age but I'm older by a week and a day)

3 : Gemini is also the name of a protocol which I also happen to have a capsule in a tilde space