::XMPP Server List::

Quick reference : The [country] section indicates the location of the servers themselves

[server] [country] [notes]
0nl1ne.at Germany (DE)
1jabber.com Netherlands (NL)
31337.life Netherlands (NL)
404.city France (FR)
4ept.net Netherlands (NL)
5222.de Germany (DE)
616.pub Hong Kong (HK)
a3.pm Finland (FI)
alpha-labs.net Germany (DE)
anonym.im Germany (DE)
anoxinon.me Germany (DE)
arcipelago.ml United States (US)
blabber.im Germany (DE)
blah.im Germany (DE)
blob.cat Algeria (DZ) Requires an account on the Pleroma instance
bpmbox.vip Canada (CA) Only in-band registration is possible
captflint.com Ukraine (UA)
chapril.org Germany (DE)
chat.savali.me Germany (DE)
chat.sum7.eu Germany (DE)
chatserver.space United States (US)
chatterboxtown.us United States (US)
chinwag.im Australia (AU)
cock.li Romania (RO) Requires an email address
conversations.im Germany (DE) Free trial lasts up to six months , then 8€ a year
conversejs.org Germany (DE) Public XMPP server by the developers of converse.js
creep.im France (FR)
diasporing.ch Switzerland (CH)
dismail.de Germany (DE)
disroot.org Netherlands (NL) Requires an email for sign-up , also the approval takes between 24 and 48 hours
draugr.de Germany (DE)
e2e.ee Netherlands (NL)
gentoo.live Finland (FI) Does not support multi-user chats
gnu.gr Greece (GR)
gofus-syndicate.xyz Canada (CA) Only in-band registration is possible
hardelectronic.vip Canada (CA) Only in-band registration is possible
hmm.st United States (US) It also has a Movim pod and a IRC transport
honeypot.im Japan (JP) Invite-only
hookipa.net Germany (DE)
i2p.rocks United States (US) Sign-up only possible through the i2p network
jabb.im Czech Republic (CZ)
jabber.absturztau.be Switzerland (CH) Invite-only
jabber.at Germany (DE)
jabber.cat Germany (DE)
jabber.cc Germany (DE)
jabber.de Germany (DE)
jabber.fr France (FR)
jabber.org United States (US)
jabber.ru Russian Federation (RU)
jabber.sk Czech Republic (CZ)
jabber.skynetcloud.site United States (US)
jabber.tcpreset.net Germany (DE)
jabber.uk Germany (DE)
jabberes.org Netherlands (NL)
jabberpl.org Germany (DE)
jabbers.one Germany (DE)
jbabxi.de Germany (DE)
jabjab.de Germany (DE)
jwchat.org Germany (DE)
kde.org Germany (DE)
kitsune.cafe Finland (FI) Requires an account on the Pleroma instance
kitsune.one Germany (DE)
kode.im United States (US)
konuro.net Netherlands (NL)
landofkittens.club Germany (DE) Invite-only
lightwitch.org Italy (IT)
lime2.su France (FR)
linuxlovers.at Germany (DE)
macceo.co Canada (CA) Only in-band registration is possible
magicbroccoli.de Germany (DE)
marxist.club Seychelles (SC)
meckerspace.de Germany (DE)
movim.eu Germany (DE)
neko.im Norway (NO) Not accepting new signups
nerdculture.de Germany (DE) Requires an account on the Mastodon instance
nerdica.net Germany (DE) Requires an account on the Friendica instance
netwhood.online France (FR)
niel.site Germany (DE)
ninja.im United States (US)
nixnet.xyz Germany (DE)
nologs.club Netherlands (NL)
nuegia.net United States (US)
omemo.im France (FR)
orbitalfox.eu United Kingdom (GB) Invite-only
otr.im Netherlands (NL)
parloteo.es Germany (DE)
pimux.de Germany (DE)
quicksy.im Germany (DE) More convenient for normal people , requires a phone number
riseup.net United States (US) Riseup XMPP service will be shut down
sj.ms United States (US)
snopyta.org Finland (FI) They may close signups at any moment , then open again
strong.pm Netherlands (NL)
suchat.org Germany (DE) Server for Spanish-speaking people
sure.im United States (US)
talk.shitposter.club United States (US) Invite-only
tchncs.de Germany (DE) Signup only possible through web interface
tigase.im United States (US)
tilde.team United States (US) See this page
trashserver.net Germany (DE)
toofast.vip Canada (CA) Only in-band registration is possible
verified.pm Netherlands (NL)
vipclub.pm Netherlands (NL)
vlibra.run (unknown)
vxempire.xyz Spain (ES) Invite-only
wiuwiu.de Germany (DE)
xabber.org United Kingdom (GB)
xmpp.chat Romania (RO)
xmpp.cloud United States (US)
xmpp.co Romania (RO)
xmpp.cx Romania (RO)
xmpp.dk Germany (DE)
xmpp.fi Romania (RO)
xmpp.international Seychelles (SC)
xmpp.is Romania (RO)
xmpp.jp Japan (JP)
xmpp.moe France (FR)
xmpp.nogafam.es Spain (ES)
xmpp.si Romania (RO)
xmpp.social Germany (DE)
xmpp.xyz Romania (RO)
yax.im Germany (DE)
yourdata.forsale Germany (DE)
zloy.im Latvia (LV)