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Using GPG is encouraged but not required. My public keys are on here

Address Description Priority
novaburst [at] kalli [dot] st Personal email address 1
novaburst [at] envs [dot] net Used for miscellaneous purposes 2
novaburst [at] tilde [dot] team Used for development purposes 3
novaburst [at] disroot [dot] org Backup address 4

Instant messaging

I happen to be on many platforms besides e-mail

Username / ID Platform Preference
novaburst IRC 4 (mid-high)
champagnesupernovax Jami 5 (mid-low)
@truenovaburst:tchncs.de Matrix 2 (high)
@ChampagneSupernovaX Telegram 3 (mid-high)
@champagnesupernovax Wire 6 (low)
novaburst [at] landofkittens [dot] club XMPP 1 (high)