New technology is not good or evil in and of itself. It's all about how people choose to use it
To segfault is human, to blue screen moronic

C# is what happens when some kid learns java then looks at C and thinks "I can fix this"
Rust is write once, commit suicide
I am not using matrix because a lot of people use matrix
boost: when C++ couldn't be any worse

Wherever you go, there you are

One day you'll wish you had time to waste. Spend it wisely, don't let it tick by.


Can't spell coom without C

She sometimes screams at me (-Weverything)

She sometimes fails

She sometimes calls her friends over (linker, build system)

But she does the best to make sure we go along and i do the best So that our children can grow healthy and good (software)

Daksh P. Jain

If it works , don't touch it
It works on my PC
That's going straight into my code

My brain is big but I still failed Applied 144 for the second time
It is not only enough to not be nodejs but we must be actively anti node js


The normie will follow what it is hot

It's easy to find something that everyone hates , much harder something that everyone likes


accidental mobile messages, brought to you by touch UI

Sometimes, I wish I could switch places with the person in the mirror.

if you don't try you can't fail

People who can still be friends with you and not agree with everything you say is a great friend

screen is lazyman's init system

i may be but at least i'm not

Being "proud of your country" is crazy stupid. It's not like you chose to be born there lol

Java is write once, run away.
Should CA exist in 2k20?
JS programmers shouldn't be called programmer as a sign of respect to other programmers
TypeScript is to JavaScript what C++ is to C which is what Lung cancer is to Lung

If you never fail you never succeed

If I actually gave a shit enough to login to my microshaft shithub account I would def just paste Stallman's interjection copypasta there

C makes me coom
Just read the man-pages bro

Man I coom for posix

That shit is so sexy

Vim or gtfo
What's the point of having a wife if she can't submit bug fixes ffs


You shouldn't force someone to use a specific editor to contribute to a project
ICANN is worse than a hobbyist editing a text file. Remember that


The world makes a lot more sense when you realize most people want to slack off


Don't call any project with "Open" in its name if it is proprietary
Syadmins who use Windows are not sysadmins
Using Windows for development or server usage is really a joke
Based and posixpilled
Matrix is the systemd of the instant messengers, as it tries to do everything at once, and fail at that
School made me realize that technology sucks
If you do cryptocurrency, you are either the scammer or the scammed


People don't care as much as I do, so I want bad things to happen to them.

$ pwd
$ cd ..
$ rm -rf b
$ pwd
$ ls -l /a
b -> /d/e

Drat! I've removed the wrong set of files, d/e!